The Socorro Blast
- Sasha Solomon visits family and plays with explosives.
“To everyone who works against ethnic and religious prejudice. / To everyone who works toward Tikkun Olam. / Thank you.”

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Ms. Taichert has written another winning combination of mystery and travelog.

Our protagonist, Sasha, finds herself in Socorro this time, on another PR assignment to boost the area's tourism. She works around what appears to be a hate crime, but are looks deceiving? The additional twist here is that her niece seems to be in the middle of the proceedings.

This story provides an observation of hate crimes and how they affect people, and also an introspective look at family dynamics. The book is not just your usual mystery, but a compelling combination of family and societal dynamics.

You will be left reflecting on your own principles. Strongly recommended!

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January 8, 2009
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